10 Gallon Vertical Conversion Kit (Face Only)

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10 Gallon Vertical Conversion Kit

Professionally Cut and Beveled 1/8" Glass Door and Bottom Glass
3 Acrylic Hinges
3 1/4" Nd Magnet Cubes
Fast Air Drying Glass Glue
2 Bottom Corner Protectors

This custom vertical conversion kit allows un-impeded views and easy access. Easy and quick door assembly with included glass glue. Ultra strong Nd magnets keep the door secure while allowing easy opening. Corner protectors prevent chipping of bottom tank corners (which happens easily when the exposed sides of a standard tank become the base when placed in the vertical position). The professionally beveled 1/8th glass, while accounting for the majority of the kit cost, is stronger and much safer than hardware store cut glass. It is the same quality of glass used in Aqueon's glass canopies. See below for assembly directions.

Required: 10g Aqueon aquarium, 100% silicone sealant.

Directions: Silicone bottom glass flush with frame of tank. Glue hinges to glass door and side of tank while in closed position. Hold each ~30 seconds until glue sets. Glue one magnet inside tank frame and one juxtaposed on outside of the glass. Door should sit flush against the tank frame and bottom glass. Remove protective covers from adhesive tape, and press corner protectors onto bottom two glass corners for the tank.

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