16oz Isopod (Trichorhina Tomentosa) Culture - Dwarf White

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16oz Isopod (Trichorhina Tomentosa) Culture - Dwarf White

Dwarf white isopods. 16 oz well started cultures.

Isopods are an excellent supplemental food source. Juveniles are very small and great for newly hatched froglets or thumbs. Dwarf white adults are ~3mm and are valued for cleaning up debris in the terrarium. This is one of the first species ever cultured for use in bioactive vivariums. It prefers higher humidity and does not need a lot of ventilation, making it a good species to keep in tropical and subtropical vivariums, such as those intended for dart frogs. Each individual is a female that produces clones of itself, which helps make the species quite prolific. Warm temperatures (high 70s to low 80s) increase the speed with which it reproduces.

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