Bean Beetle Culture

Culturing Bean Beetles/Weevils

(Callosobruchus maculatus) 

Bean beetles are extremely easy to culture. Their larger size and prolific production make them a great alternative to D. Hydei.

1) Place ~2 inches black eyed beans in the bottom of a 32 oz Insect Culture Container.

2) Add ~30 beetles.

No water or food (other than the beans) is needed!!

Beetles will lay eggs on beans. Once eggs hatch, larva will bore through beans and emerge as adults in ~ 2 months. Adults do not eat.

A simple way to dispense beetles for feeding frogs: Remove the paper mesh from the lid of a 32 oz Insect Culture Container. Cover the holes using ¼ inch wire mesh. Put this lid on a culture from which you want to feed, and simply shake the beetles through the lid. The mesh will trap the beans in the container.

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